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September to June

“Early bird price”

$12,700 (cost includes airfare departing from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, GA)

Students will travel across parts of China where few tourists visit. The settling is in a remote mountainous town. The climate is cool and rainy in the summers. The winters are cool but warm in the southern sun. The elevation of this area is between 4,000 & 5,000 ft. It is a semi-tropical climate that grows mangoes, bananas, and many other fruits. Living on a farm has many advantages. You will live and work in local villages. (Due to the sensitive nature of this location, we cannot specifically name the location).

The region is very diverse with many unreached people groups in the province. This rich diversity only adds to the mystery of the area. Because of the remoteness of these cultures, the Gospel has still not permeated these people groups. Mandarin is the national language but many people in these areas speak other languages as well. The task of taking the Gospel to these regions is difficult but not impossible. With your help, the Gospel will go out and God will get the glory.

Rural living: The students will be living on a farm. They will travel to small villages to interact with the local farmers. They will assist with some of the farm duties of a dairy herd along with growing and harvesting corn for feed.

We can not publically identify our partners in this country, but you will be welcomed into this American team, attending meetings, worshipping, and learning from them over the course of your time in China.