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The students will live on the third floor of Fundacion Red de Misericordia (gated orphanage). They are within walking distance of a few convenient stores. Most everything is within a short drive of the orphanage.


Fundacion Red de Misericordia – Santiago, Dominican Republic.


The Dominican Republic is a very rich and mixed culture with an interesting history. With very mixed roots of the once indigenous Taino indians, Europeans (Spanish, French), and descendants of African slaves. One of the popular souvenirs sold here is the “faceless doll” which represents a people so mixed, they feel they are now without an identity in a sense. They are a proud and patriotic people, historically Catholic, and clinging very closely to their Spanish roots with Spanish also as their national language. With original styles of beautiful art and music, delicious local dishes, and an original dialect all of their own, the Dominican people have a unique and rich culture, difficult to define unless experienced for one’s self.


The ministry will be built around the orphanage. The students will be using their gifts to love on orphans and serving in the local church. The students will also support the local church in worship and street evangelism and attending a local church. Although scheduled ministry is good and needed, building relationships will be the primary way to reach the people.


Weekday mornings are spent learning Spanish. Each afternoon the students either serve at the orphanage, have their Bible/language classes, share the Gospel and a whole lot more. The students are placed in a home group that meets once a week in the evenings. On weekends, the students and staff often take small excursion trips. Youth group and church services are held on the weekends.


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