Frequently Asked Questions

In the spring of 2000, while serving as a youth pastor in South Carolina, Johnny Condrey was challenged by Pastor Johnny Hunt to send students to Argentina. He sent nine students that fall and was amazed by the transformation that took place in the lives of those students. Today, five of the nine students, who went to Argentina that year, are working in full time vocational ministries. Eight of the nine are serving the Lord faithfully in and through the church.
Go to “Application,” complete the online (or paper) application and submit with the required $100 deposit. Once we receive your application and your deposit, we will contact you to begin the admission process.
After we receive the application and paperwork for each applicant, we contact all of the references. After talking with the references, each student is contacted by phone for an interview. Once these interviews have been completed, applicants are brought to a team who prays through and selects the students based on order of applications, number of students needed in each country (and other criteria where necessary).
Canada, China, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Cape Verde, Ireland, Italy, Romania, South Africa, Southeast Asia, Togo
(Prices are subject to change based on value of the U.S. dollar vs foreign currency) Prices range from $9,700 to $14,700. The cost of each location varies based on a number of factors. Please see the specific page of the location you are interested for actual cost.
The price typically includes room, board, tuition, books, insurance, in-country travel, airfare*, and program-planned excursions. It does not include personal items and personally planned excursions.

*Students must attend orientation in Atlanta, Georgia prior to leaving for the field. Included airfare covers the flights from Atlanta to the field and from the field back to Atlanta. All travel costs between the students home to/from Atlanta must be covered by the student.

A Global Year experience can range anywhere from 6 to 12 months, averaging around 9 months.
Global Year is for 18-25 year olds who have graduated high school. The majority of Global Year students are right out of high school, though some are in college or have just graduated college.
17 years old who have graduated high school may do a Global Year in selected locations with a signed parental consent form.
This varies based on the location. Some students live directly on the ministry site (missionary base, university campus, bed and breakfast run by ministry). Other students live in apartments or dorms near the ministry site.
Each Global Year experience is unique depending on the location. Ministry opportunities vary but may include working with orphans, feeding the poor, street evangelism, bible clubs, community service projects, drama, singing, creative arts ministries, leading Bible Studies in local churches, etc.
All the Global Year locations have housing in secure locations. Many of the locations are in major cities which brings various challenges but it is no more dangerous than living and working in cities in the US. To ensure the safety of our students, each location has guidelines clarifying where the students may visit, who they can go with, and when they must return. We take every precaution to be sure that the students are safe, but we can never guarantee a student’s safety.
Global Year currently partners with Operation Mobilization, Build the Nations, Daybreak Development, Mentoring Leaders, Capernwray Bible Center, Renaissance Church, Missio International, and Score Ministries.
The week to week schedule varies greatly from location to location. Typically the schedule includes language training, Bible classes, and different ministry opportunities. Weekends are filled with various fun activities, ministry opportunities, and church attendance.
Each location varies but all are dedicated to teaching the main language of the culture and the Bible. The curriculum is selected by local teachers and leaders and approved by our staff.
As a ministry, Global Year cannot offer college credit, but we encourage colleges to offer credit for participation in this opportunity. We know that many colleges are giving language credit, but our desire is that every student will be able to get at least a semester (12-15 hrs) worth of college credit.

Though we cannot offer college credit, we encourage students to work with their respective schools to try to get as much college credit as possible.

Travel insurance is included in the total cost of each location. The insurance is fairly comprehensive, excluding pre-existing medical conditions. You will be given information about the insurance policy before the student leaves for the field.
We have an awesome staff of folks who would love to talk with you, answer any questions you may have, and connect you with students who have done a Global Year or are currently serving with Global Year.

You can call the office at 678-494-8228 or email You can also find us on Facebook