Contact Doug & Babs Stone

Doug and Babs Stone have been working with students most of their adult lives. They have four children and six grandchildren. Doug left his vocation in the banking industry to invest in eternity, by equipping and mobilizing students to the nations with Global Year. We are blessed to have them serving as the Directors of Student Mobilization.

Q&A With Doug:

If you weren’t in ministry, what would you be doing? Why?

I would be working out my time at the bank before retiring, while continuing to teach 10th grade boys Sunday School at my church. I would continue to have HS kids into our home to hang out, eat, and do bible teaching. Did I mention eat?

What’s on your plate for dinner?
Whatever my wife Babs fixes, and did I mention I like eating?

Talk about how your childhood has affected your life today.
I grew up in Minnesota, the 3rd of 4 boys. I was in a Shriner’s Hospital for children solid my 1st 5 years and then 3 to 6 months ea. year till I was 16. I believe that experience has made me able to enjoy stepping into new groups and situations. It has also taught me that people, whatever their physical problems may be, are more like you than different from you. Once I found the Savior, at age 20, my perspective on why has been clarified greatly and I’ve seen God’s hand at work through it all. To God be the glory!

When did you make Jesus your Lord and Savior?
At age 20 I’d moved from Minnesota to Louisiana of all places, where they went to church 3 times a week, which is 3 times a week more than I had been going. Within 6 months of sitting under the Gospel teaching I surrendered my heart to Christ, receiving forgiveness for my sins, inheriting eternal life with Jesus, and a reason to live. I then went off to Bible college to grow, and serve in many ministries throughout the years.

Other than Jesus, who has been an influential person(s) in your life?
My wife has been a huge influence in my life from even before we’d married. I am so grateful to her for her faith and walk. Raising 4 children is huge in my spiritual journey. My aunt Naomi, who taught me the real meaning of forgiveness, long before I knew of Christ, and because of her, I understood Christ’s forgiveness when that time came. Of course my mom and dad who loved me unconditionally through my tumultuous growing years.

What Bible verse (do I want to) best describes me?
Psalms 20:7 that says “Some trust in chariots, some in horses, but we will remember in the name of the Lord our God”, This is where I’ve tried to get and stay as I live this faith life. It’s all Him, because I will never be enough.

What’s my favorite movie? 
The Last Samurai for the life of honor.

Other than Jesus, who would I most like to have lunch with? Why? 
I think it would have to be some great missionaries from history, to just hear from their mouths how they dealt with the walk they had with Christ and their calling.

What is my secret ambition?
To bicycle across the United States of America with a friend.

What favorite books are on your shelf? 
Don’t Waste Your Life, John Piper; Kisses From Katie, Katie Davis; All books Robin Hood, (I collect them). I love to read poetry and hymn books, for their unique way of expressing truth about the desires of God for me, and my desire for Him as well as how I am His for His Glory.