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Johnny Condrey, President of Global Year, and Natalie Balltzglier, his wife and ministry partner, were married in 1981. They have seven wonderful children and twelve grandchildren. Four of their children serve the Lord in vocational ministries and all seven serve the Lord faithfully in their daily lives. Johnny has served the Lord for almost 30 years in student ministry. His passion is to involve young adults in life changing experiences with Christ.

It has been stated in many polls, “85-95% of churched teenagers will graduate high school and leave the church.” This alarming statistic caused Johnny to leave the comfort of a local church position at FBC Woodstock to establish a ministry that encourages pastors, youth pastors and leaders across our country to challenge students to a much higher commitment to grow in their relationships with Christ and reach the world with the Gospel.

Q&A with Johnny

If you weren’t in ministry, what would you be doing? Why?

I would be a Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor. I was raised and groomed to take over my dad’s Htg & A/C business before the Lord called me to full time vocational ministry.

What’s on your plate for dinner?
Whatever my wife prepares for dinner; she is an awesome cook.

Talk about how your childhood has affected your life today.
My mom and dad did not get along at all. It was a very difficult start, but God has since done a great work in my mom and dad. Because of my difficult childhood, it has given me a great opportunity to reach kids in need and empathize with them. Also, I am able to say, “God is bigger than any circumstance you face”.

When did you make Jesus your Lord and Savior?
I prayed to receive Christ in my bedroom at the age of nine after a Gideon gave me a bible at school. I was baptized a few weeks later and began a journey of following Christ. I actually made Jesus Lord of my life as a teenager!

Other than Jesus, who has been an influential person(s) in your life?
My wife has been a huge influence in my life. She is an incredible woman, godly wife and mother. I definitely married out of my league. My mom and dad, Jimmy Blanton, Michael Cloer, Johnny Hunt, Paul Crotts and whole lot of other godly men and women! Other major influencers are my children, …

Holiday Inn Express or Jellystone Campground?
Jellystone Campground…I love the outdoors!

What Bible verse best describes you?
3 John 4 says, There is no greater joy than to hear of your children walking in Truth. My wife and I are committed to raising godly children!

What’s your favorite movie? Why?
Remember the Titans, Patriot, Radio, and the like, because I dig a good hero story! A new favorite; The War Room.

Other than Jesus, who would you most like to have lunch with?
My wife!

What’s your secret ambition?
I want to hike the Appalachian Trail.

What favorite books, besides the Bible, are on your shelf?
Let the Nations Be Glad, John Piper; Crazy Love, Francis Chan; Exquisite Agony, Gene Edwards; Radical, David Platt; and on, and on, and on…